Diploma Program


Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must be a registered dentist or its equivalent.
  2. He must have at least one year experience in public health service, teaching, or private practice.
  3. A newly registered dentist with exceptional academic abilities may be admitted.

Graduation Requirements

  1. He shall have been in residence for a period equivalent to one full academic year which may be spread out in not more than three years
  2. He shall have completed at least 30 units of course work with a weighted average of "2.5" or better.


Core Courses
Course No. Course Title Units
HPAD 201 Principles of Health Administration 2
HPAD 201.1 Practice of Health Administration 2
DPH 201 Principles and Methods of Dental Public Health 3
DPH 202 Dental Ecology 1
DPH 205 Dental Statistics and Epidemiology 3
DPH 208 Dental Health Education 2
TOTAL 13 units

Course No. Course Title Units
DPH 204 Special Problems and Programs 1.5
DPH 206 Financing and Delivery of Dental Care 2
DPH 207 Community Preventive Measures 2
DPH 209 Current Clinical Dental Procedures 2
DPH 280 Dental Public Health Practice 3
DPH 290 Special Studies and Research 2
Micro 213 Bacteriology of Dental Caries and Periodontal Diseases 1.5
HPAD 212 Socio-cultural Determinants of Health 2
HPAD 210 Public Health Education 2
PHEd 202 Health Education for Community Development 2

There are other elective courses available in the MPH Program of the College as well as in other Graduate Units of the University where the student may enroll with the approv­al of his adviser and should be consistent with the rules of the Graduate School.

The student should earn at least 17 units of electives in order to meet the 30-unit requirement of the program.

Maximum Credit Load
A maximum of 34 units or 4 additional credit loads may be allowed depending on the ability or needs of the student for additional competencies.

A minimum of two (2) semesters or 10 months (June to March) for full time students or a maximum of three years for part-time students.