Master of Public Health

Admission Requirements

  1. Graduate of approved medical schools
  2. Graduates with professional training in nursing, dentistry, engineering, veterinary medicine, etc., with at least a baccalaureate degree in science and at least one (1) year experience or previous training in the field of public health.

Graduation Requirements

The degree of Master of Public Health, shall be awarded on fulfillment of the following requirements:
  1. Residence for at least one full aca­demic year previous to the granting of the degree.
  2. Completion of 34 units through one of two plans: Plan A or Thesis Plan- 28 units academic courses and 6 units of thesis; or Plan B or Comprehensive Exam Plan - 34 units of academic courses and a grade of "PASS" in a comprehensive exam[Only one(1) reexam is allowed]
  3. Grade Requirements: A weighted average grade of at least "2.00" provided that there is no grade of "5", in courses taken.


Core Courses
Course No. Course Title Units
Biostat 201 Fundamentals of Biostatistics I 3
Epi 201 Principles of Epidemiology 3
HPAD 201 Principles of Health Administration 2
HPAD 201.1 Practice of Health Administration 2
PH 201 Man, Health and Environment I 2
PH 202 Man, Health and Environment II 2
PH 280 Field Practice 3
Biostat 206 Research Methods 2
PHPE 210 Public Health Education 2

Plan A 7(3) units
Plan B 13(19) units

Master's Thesis (Plan A) 6 units
Comprehensive Exam (Plan b)

Note: () maximum units allowed Grand Total of units 34 (40)

Duration of Program: A minimum of twelve (12) months.