Master of Hospital Administration

Admission Requirements

The minimum educational qualification for applicants may be any of the following:
  1. Graduates from an approved medical school who have had administrative experience in a hospital or any health facility or slated to occupy such a position.
  2. Graduates with at least a baccalaureate degree, preferably in Business Administration or Nursing, and at least one year's experi­ence in a managerial position in any health facility.

Graduation Requirements

The degree of Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) shall be awarded on fulfillment of the following requirements:
  1. Residency in the University for at least one (1) academic year immediately prior to awarding of degree; with a maximum residency of five (5) years.
  2. Completion of 38 units which may be fulfilled through any of the following: Plan A - at least 32 units formal courses and 6 units thesis Plan B - at least 35 units formal courses and 4 units special study Plan C - at least 38 units formal courses and passing of a written comprehensive examination
  3. Grade Requirement: A weighted average of "2.00" or better in all courses taken provided there is no grade of "5.00".

If the weighted average of "2.00" is not attained, either of the following may be received with their corresponding requirements:

Certificate in Hospital Administration (CHA)

The following are the requirements of VHA:
  1. Residency in the University for at least one (1) academic year immediately prior to the awarding of the title plus completion of two (2) months administrative residency in a designated hospital. Submission of a management study is required at the end of residency.
  2. Completion of at least 38 units of course work.
  3. Attainment of a grade of "3.00" or better in all courses provided no grade of "5.00" has been received.

Certificate of Attendance in Hospital Administration A Certificate of Attendance in Hospital Administration will be used issued once a grade "5.00" has been received.


Core Courses
Course No. Course Title Units
HPAD 201 Principles of Health Administration 2
HPAD 202 Practice of Health Administration 2
HPAD 203 Public Health Methods 2
HPAD 209 Health Services Research Methods 2
HA 201 Principles of Hospital Organization and Management 2
HA 202 Organization and Administration of Clinical/Ancillary Services/Departments 2
HA 204 Hospital Planning, Design and Maintenance 2
HA 205 Hospital Information System 2
HA 206 Hospital Accounting 2
HA 207 Financial Management 2
HA 280.1 Supervised Practice in Hospital Administration 1
HA 280.2 Hospital Management Study 2
Biostat 201 Fundamentals of Biostatistics I 3
Epi 201 Principles of Epidemiology 3
TOTAL 29 units

Elective Courses
EH 210 Hospital Sanitation and Safety 2
HA 203 Legal Aspect of Hospital Administration 2
HPAD 205 Health Policy Analysis and Legislation 2
HPAD 206 International Health and Development 2
HPAD 207 Human Resource Management 2
HPAD 208 Economics in Health 2
PHNA 201 Organization and Administration 2

The required minimum number of units for electives is as follows:


Plan A: 3 units (+6 units thesis) Plan B: 5 units (+4 units special study) Plan C: 9 units(+ comprehensive examination)

CHA - 9 units

Other elective courses may be taken from offerings of other CPH departments and other UP Colleges, subject to the consent of the adviser.

Maximum Credit Load
A maximum of 42 units credit load may be allowed depending on the ability or need of the student for additional competencies.

Duration of the Program
At least one academic year of two (2) semesters and a 6-week summer for full time students and a maximum of five (5) years for part-time students.