MS Epidemiology

Master of Science in Epidemiology (Public Health)

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the program, applicants must:
  1. fulfill general admission requirements of the graduate school
  2. a) be graduates of approved schools of medicine and\or allied professions or
    b) have a baccalaureate degree and adequate background in the biological sciences;
  3. must pass a validating exam in basic epidemiology


Course No. Course Title Units
Epi 202 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology 2
Epi 204 Study Designs in Epidemiology 2
CE 201 Fundamentals of Clinical Economics, Health Social Science and Ethics in Research 2
Biostat 201 Fundamentals of Biostatistics I 3
Biostat 202 Fundamentals of Biostatistics II 2

Major Courses
Epi 203 Communicable Disease Control 2
Epi 206 Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases 2
Epi 207 Disease Outbreak Investigations 1
Epi 299.1 Seminars in Epidemiology I 1
Biostat 206 Research Methods 2
Biostat 220.1 Introduction to Microcomputer Systems for Public Health Workers 1
HPAD 201 Principles of Health Administration 2
HPAD 201.1 Principles of Health Administration

Elective Courses within the Department Units
Epi 205 Evaluation Research 2
Epi 208 Epidemiology in Health Services 2
Epi 212 Sampling Methods of Epidemiologic Investigations 2
Biostat 203 Demographic and Vital Statistics 2
Biostat 207 Non-parametirc Procedures in Niometric 2
Biostat 209 Experimental Designs 2
Biostat 211 Computer Applications in Biostatistics 3

Other elective courses may be taken from other Departments within CPH or in other Colleges, subject to the consent of the instructor.
Core Courses 11
Major Courses 13
Electives 10
Thesis 6