Master of Science in Public Health (Nutrition)


Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to the program, aside from fulfilling the general admission requirements of the graduate school, must have an adequate background of the biological and physical sciences. The adequacy of the applicant's background will be deter­mined by the faculty of the Depart­ment of Nutrition. The final acceptance to the program rests with the Dean upon the recommendation of the respective academic program committees of the College of Public Health.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Residence for at least one full academic year immediately prior to the granting of the degree.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 40 units (34 units of formal courses and 6 units of thesis)
  3. Satisfactory completion of a master's thesis.
  4. Grade requirement: a weighted average of “2.00” or better in the major courses and an overall weighted average of “2.00” or better provided there is no grade of “5” in any of the courses.


Required Courses Units
PHN 201 Principles and Public Health Aspects of Nutrition 2
PHN 202 Clinical Nutrition 2
PHN 203 Nutrition Surveillance 2
PHN 204 Laboratory Methods 2
PHN 205 Biochemistry of Nutrition 2
PHN 207 Assessment of Physical Growth 2
PHN 210 Nutrition Programs 2
PHN 299.1 Seminars in Nutrition 1
PHN 299.2 Seminars in Nutrition 1
Biostat 201 Fundamentals of Biostatistics I 3
Epi 201 Principles of Epidemiology 3
Biostat 202 Fundamentals of Biostatistics II 2
Biostat 206 Research Methods 2
PHN 300 Thesis 6

Elective Courses within the Department Units
PHN 206 Food Safety 2
PHN 208 Dietary Methods 2
PHN 209 Energy Requirements 2
PHN 211 Nutrition Epidemiology 2
PHN 290 Special Studies and Research 2-4

In the College of Home Economics Units
FN 220 Food System 2
FN 235 Ecology of Nutrition 2
FN 250 Advances in Diet Therapy 2
In the College of Medicine
Biochem 230 Nutritional Biochemistry 2

Breakdown of Course requirements for graduation Units
Required Courses 26
Core 6
Major 16
Others 4
Electives 4
Cognates 4
Thesis 6

Duration of the Program:

A Minimum of two(2) years and a maximum of five (5) years for part-time students.