Department of Health Promotion & Education


The Department of Health Promotion and Education contributes in meeting the mission/goals of the College of Public Health through its implementation of primary services of teaching (undergraduate and graduate), research and extension services. The department is responsible for the behavioral and social components of a comprehensive education for health development under the umbrella of health promotion and education.


The mission of the Department of Health Promotion and Education includes (1) provision of competencies on health promotion and education to undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of settings, (2) provision of continuing education for health workers (local and international) on health promotion and education, (3) initiation of the development of models/approaches for health promotion and education, (4) conduct basic and applied research on the behavioral and socio-cultural dimensions of health and health behavior of all the stakeholders in health, (5) provision of technical assistance to government and non-government agencies locally and internationally.

Degree Program

Doctor of Public Health (Health Promotion and Education)

Training Programs

  1. Basic Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Post-Graduate Course on Health Promotion and Education
  3. Qualitative Methods for Health Research
  4. Risk Communication
  5. Seminar-Workshop on Social Marketing
  6. Social Mobilization for Health
  7. Post Graduate Course on Health Communication Planning
  8. Post Graduate Course on Community Organizing for Community Development


  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Selected Higher Education Institutions in the National Capital Region, Funded by the University of the Philippines System, IADS (July 2013)(2013)
  • Basic Life Support Training and Outcome Assessment, Funded by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) , May 1, 2013 (May 2013)(2013)
  • Perceptions and Risk-taking Behaviors of Filipino Seafarers on Cardiovascular Diseases (December 2010)
  • Evaluation of the BALUTI Expansion Project: Improving Protective Behaviors among Sexually Active Youth in Four Sitios of San Dionisio, Paranaque City. Save the Children Foundation (June 2009)
  • Baseline Study on the Knowledge, Perception, Attitude and Practice on the Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis among the Household Health Decision Makers in Selected Cities Nationwide
  • Evaluation of Patient Drug Compliance Using Agusan del Sur - Malaria Control Project Drug Pack in Selected Barangays
  • Evaluation of the Agusan del Sur Malaria Consciousness Month Celebrations(2001 - 2002), Jan 1, 2001 to Jan 1, 2002
  • Evaluation of the Decentralized Field Health Information System, Department of Health(DOH)
  • Evaluation of the Kabalikat ng Pamilyang Pilipino Foundation, Inc. Project, Increasing Demand for Adolescent Reproductive Health Services Throuhg Outreach Program: A Comparative Study
  • Evaluation of the Utilization of the Impregnated Bednets in Selected Barangay of Agusan del Sur
  • External Evaluation of Lifestyle Related Diseases
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on the Prevention and Treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis among Households in Selected Municipalities of the Province of Sulu
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Early Childhood Development, Formative and Summative Research
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on SARS and Other Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of the Community concerning the Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis in the National Capital Region, Philippines
  • Process Evaluation of the Public Health Managers Deployment Program of the Department of Health, Feb 1, 2010 to Apr 1, 2010

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