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Myra S. Mistica, MPH
Assistant Professor VI

Assistant Professor Myra S. Mistica is currently the Chair of the Department of Parasitology. She is an alumna of the University of the Philippines Manila, graduated B.S. Public Health in 1995. She obtained her Master of Public Health degree in 2007 from the College of Public Health, UP Manila.

She joined the University as University Research Associate I in 2003. She was promoted to University Researcher II in 2016. In the same year, she was accepted into the faculty roster of the College. Being in the University for sixteen years, she had gained ample experience in formulating, designing and conducting research. She also has extensive experience in public service as an expert diagnostician for medical parasitology and entomology.

As a scientific writer, Ms. Mistica is the primary author of the article, entitled, Dengue Mosquito Ovitrapping and Preventive Fogging Trials in the Philippines published in the Philippine Entomologist (2007). She also co-authored several articles, e.g. House dust mites collected from houses of persons with respiratory allergies (2005); Ecology of mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis in Malawak, Bustos, Bulacan with special reference to their aquatic habitats (2006); and Field Evaluation of Ovitraps Consociated with Pyriproxifen and Formulated Piper nigrum to Determine their Larvicidal and Ovipositional Effects on Dengue Mosquito Vectors (2012). All articles were published in ISI journals and have been recognized in the UP System International Publication Awards for journal articles. She also contributed in the writing of the manuals/modules on medical parasitology and entomology for the National Sanitarian Training Program and PH 177 (Medical Entomology) course. She is also active in disseminating the results of their research by presenting them in scientific conferences or seminars, such as the annual Pest Management Council of the Philippines.



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