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Pilarita T. Rivera, MD, PhD
Professor 12

Dr. Rivera is a professor of the Department of Parasitology of the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines, Manila. She graduated from the UP College of Medicine, trained on the immunology and molecular biology of malaria and other parasitic diseases in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and USA; and finished a PhD (Medical Science) in Gunma University, Japan.
As a researcher, Dr. Rivera has obtained research grants from WHO, GTZ, UP Manila, DOH, DOST-PCASTRD and PCHRD, has maintained research collaboration with Japanese researchers, and has her research output published in local and international journal articles and monographs, and delivered as oral presentations and posters in local and international scientific conferences and meetings. Some of these are listed in http://www.biomed
Dr. Rivera’s active research career has enriched and advanced the teaching of parasitology to both undergraduate and graduate students, and has earned for her several professorial chairs and publication awards. Likewise, practical application of her researches has contributed to the revitalized malaria and other parasitic disease control programs of the DOH, with Dr. Rivera as a technical consultant and member of the malaria technical working group. Foremost of these engagements is the conduct of training on malaria microscopy for barangay microscopists, and training of trainers and implementers on integrated microscopy for medical technologists at the regional, provincial and municipal levels.
As an active member of both American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, and the Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, a reviewer in local and international journals on parasitic diseases and public heath, and member of the editorial board of Acta Medica, Dr. Rivera continues to keep up the standards of parasitic disease research not only in the academe, but amongst the wider scientific community.
As an administrator, Dr. Rivera was chair of the Department of Parasitology for 3 terms, during which physical improvements of the student laboratory, research and service laboratories, animal room, conference and faculty offices; and acquisition of new equipment were done to provide better learning and working conditions. Computerization of department functions, faculty/staff output and reports was done to support teaching, research and extension services. As assistant to the Dean for research, planning and development, and with full support of the 7 departments of the college, Dr. Rivera has placed the groundwork to establish a fully functional research office, provide a nurturing research environment and promote a more vibrant and inclusive research culture, and relevant research outputs in the college.



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