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Lilian A. de las Llagas, MScTM, PhD, LLB
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Lilian A. De Las Llagas is an alumna of the University of the Philippines, graduated B.S. Hygiene in 1973. She completed her Masters degree in Tropical Medicine from Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, and her Ph.D. in Biology (Medical Entomology) from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. She also pursued the field of law and completed her Bachelor of Laws degree in 2003.
She is currently the Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents. Her most recent projects for the Office of the Secretary of the University are re-creating the OSU website and digtizing OSU records using a modernized management system as part of realizing the e-UP initiatives of the administration, enhancing the Records Management System, competence building of the staff and crafting the OSU Manual of Operations. As the repository of Board policies and decisions, digitizing the files uploading it on the website, such as the UP Gazette, have made access easier and more convenient for the general public.
In her term, she has conducted several researches on existing University policies in the aim of reviewing, amending and updating certain policies. These researches have guided the Board and other stakeholders in making decisions on policy matters for the best interest of the University.
Before her appointment as Secretary of the University, she has held several significant positions both in the College and in the University. When she was the Vice Chancellor for Administration for UP Mindanao, she contributed to the re-engineering of the administrative bureaucracy, convergence efforts for the Mindanaoans towards “Health Emergency Disaster Efforts,” and production of UP Mindanao’s own Manual of Operations.
In UP Manila, she was the Assistant to the Dean of the College of Public Health for three administrations. She also became Chair of the Department of Parasitology of the College of Public Health. Among her accomplishments as Chair were designing and implementing the “Diagnostic Parasitology Training Course on Wheels,” strengthening the Medical Entomology discipline, and initiating the modernization of the Parasitology laboratory.
Later on, she became the Director of UP-NIH Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies. She was influential in establishing the Health Law Group at the UP-NIH which led to the publication of the “Abstract of Philippine Health Laws”. She also served as Coordinator of the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino (SWF).
Her specialized fields include Tropical Medicine, Health Law, and Medical Entomology, particularly on Vector Control or Integrated Vector Control Management (IVC/IVM) of vector-borne diseases. She has provided expertise on developing policies on vector control specifically the Insecticidal Zooprophylaxis for malaria control and ovi-larvitrapping/preventive fogging to prevent dengue transmissions in Metro Manila. In 2009, she spearheaded the formulation, development, and publication of the Manual of Procedures on Dengue Prevention and Control Program of the Center for Health Development-Metro Manila. With her extensive knowledge, she has countlessly been a resource speaker in the fields of Vector Control and has been invited in several local and international fora to present her works on dengue prevention and control. She is also initiated the development, production, and publication of the Philippine Handbook on Integrated Vector Control: Concepts and Practices for the Vector Control Programme of the Department of Health. In addition, she has had consultancy works with both local and international organizations.
Her significant contribution with the ovicidal/larvicidal trapping system or “Ovitrap” has helped in controlling the spread of dengue. She has worked with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Center for Health Development in Metro Manila to propagate her research which has proven to be useful and efficient. Many of her projects include the “Dengue Vector Surveillance in Selected Public Schools in the National Capital Region (NCR),” and the "Ovicidal Trap, An Anti-Dengue Mosquito Device”.
She has been published in distinguished local and international journals, in which she has garnered international publication awards from the University. In 2000, she was presented the Gawad Lope K. Santos award for her efforts propagating and intellectuaizing the use of the Filipino language in her research, discourse, and publications Entomolohiya Medikal, Insekto sa Filipinas, and Glosari ng mga Terminong Agham Pangkalusugan. In the same year, OITA Medical University in Japan has named a Black fly species after her, “Simulium morof lilianae,” in honor of her contribution to Medical Parasitology and Entomology. She was awarded the Professorial Chair in UP Manila at the UP Cenntennial Celebration in 2008.
Her memberships in international organizations include the Journal of Parasitology and Medical Entomology in OITA, Japan as an Editorial Member, and a lifetime member of the Malaysian Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the Malaysian Society of Micobiology and Applied Technology.
Dr. De Las Llagas is also a professor at the Department of Parasitology and she has been teaching in the University for 38 years, as well extending public service to the community and other organizations.