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Eleanor C. Castillo, RN, MPH, MSN, DrPH
Department of Health Promotion & Education

Dr. Eleanor C. Castillo is an associate professor at the Department of Health Promotion and Education. She was recruited as a full time faculty member in 2014. She is a registered nurse who graduated from the Adventist University of the Philippines with honors for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master in Public Health and Master of Science in Nursing (Major: Medical-Surgical Nursing) degrees in 1993, 1995 and 2010, respectively. She took the Doctor of Public Health studies in the field of Health Promotion and Education at the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila, under the scholarship granted by the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Center for Health Research and Development, and graduated in 2003. She obtained her undergraduate and graduate

Previous to her appointment as a full time faculty for the Department of Health Promotion and Education, she served as a professor for the Public Health Graduate Programs of the Adventist University of the Philippines for 19 years. She also served in various capacities such as chairperson for the Master in Public Health, and eventually the Doctor of Public Health program, as well as Associate Research Director.
She has completed and published studies on status of patient education, diarrhea and pulmonary TB prevention and control, KAP on type 2 diabetes mellitus, and smoking prevention. She is currently involved in researches focusing on leptospirosis prevention and control, health emergencies, and non-communicable diseases prevention and control. Furthermore, she has served as resource person in several conferences and seminars on prevention and control of type 2 diabetes, internet addiction among adolescents, telephone counseling, lifestyle diseases prevention and control, and qualitative research, among others.
Her past and present projects include capacity training of health education and promotion officers, advocacy training, strategic planning for non-communicable diseases prevention and control, capacity training for nurses on leptospirosis prevention and control.



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