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Ernesto R. Gregorio, Jr., DAPE, MPH
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Promotion & Education

Prof. Jun Gregorio is at present an Assistant Professor 7 and Chair of the Department of Health Promotion and Education, UP Manila-CPH. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, Diploma in Applied Parasitology and Entomology (with Distinction), and Master of Public Health degrees from the Manila Central University, Institute for Medical Research (Malaysia) and the University of the Philippines Manila respectively. He is a candidate for the Doctor of Public Health degree (Health Promotion and Education track) also at the University of the Philippines Manila. He was a recipient of SEAMEO-TROPMED and DOST scholarship grants and Professorial Chair Award.

Asst. Prof. Gregorio teaches public health education, special problems in health education, teaching of preventive medicine and public health, sociocultural determinants of health, human behavior in health care organization. He mentors students during their special studies/research and field practice. He also serves as panel member in undergraduate and graduate research defense.

His present research involvement includes Gender Competence in Ethics Review in the Philippines, Program Evaluation of the Health Emergency and Management Bureau, School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health/ STI/HIV/AIDS Research. He was one of the investigators in Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Among Higher Education Institutions in the National Capital Region, Assessment of a Health Promotion and Education Module of UP-CPH.

Asst. Prof Gregorio serves as a consultant/ resource person in health promotion, program evaluation, counseling, qualitative research, health leadership and governance, school health, and disaster management in schools and a member of hospital ethics review board.

He has authored/coauthored publications on lived experiences of seafarers, socio-behavioral aspects of mosquito control and public health managers and manuals on Barangay Nutrition Scholars, patient communication and counseling on TB and Action for Healthier Families, and a Guide for Research in Health, Nursing and the Social Sciences.



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