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Jonathan P. Guevarra, RN, MAN
Assistant Professor VII
Department of Health Promotion & Education

Prof. Jonathan P. Guevarra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Education and was Department Chair from 2010-2013. He obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Nursing degrees from De La Salle University – Health Sciences Institute. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Development Communication at the University of the Philippines – Los Banos.

Prof. Guevarra teaches Public Health Promotion and Education (PH 186) for BS Public Health students. He handles the health promotion and education courses offered for graduate students in the Master of Public Health program such as Public Health Promotion and Education (PHPE 210), General Problems in Community Health Education (PHPE 201) Health Education for Community Development (PHPE 202), Public Health Education and Teaching of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (PHPE 214) and Special Problems in Health Education (PHPE 205). He is also a field preceptor in the undergraduate and graduate field practice courses.

In the last ten years, he has coordinated several training programs for local and international participants. He has published his researches on emergency and disaster preparedness, tobacco control, injury prevention, drowning prevention, prevention and control of leptospirosis, and field practice in peer-reviewed national and international journals.

He also serves as a consultant, technical assistance provider and resource person in health promotion and education, injury prevention and safety promotion, drowning prevention, community organizing and development, program evaluation, emergency and disaster preparedness,

Prof. Guevarra was a recipient of the UP Manila Faculty Grant (2005), Gawad Sentenaryo Professorial Chair (2012) , Metro Manila Commission Professorial Chair (2013) and International Publication Award (2014).



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