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Fely Marilyn E. Lorenzo, MPH, DrPH
Department of Health Policy and Administration

Dr. Fely Marilyn E. Lorenzo is a professor of health policy and management. She is a registered nurse and holds graduate degrees from UP Manila (Master of Public Health) and from the University of California at Berkeley (Doctor of Public Health). She was the founding Chair of the MA Health Policy Studies program Health Sciences track (MAHPS-HS) and continues to participate in the teaching of the MAHPS courses (1998-present) as well as in the MHA and MPH programs. She was also the founding Director of the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies of the National Institutes of Health and led the work there from 1999 to 2006. She is the current chairperson of the UPM health Policy Development Hub and has led the work there since 2015.

Dr. Lorenzo is active in national and international research, consultancies and policy development aiming to link all these three areas together. Among her recent national and international research projects which she has mostly led as principal investigator are in the areas of Health Human Resource development specifically in Health Human Resource Master Planning; HRH Assessment in TB laboratory and treatment center networks; Nursing Development and Health worker migration, Climate Change and Health; Health Care Reform and Financing, Health Systems Strengthening; Tobacco Control; and Burden of Disease calculations. Current policy research and analysis undertakings are on NCD Care Pathways and Benefit Packages determination; Valuation of Climate Change Adaptation and Health and Reconfiguring PHC in the Philippines towards UHC. Dr. Lorenzo also contributed substantially to HRH and health sciences education through the WHO-led Transformative Health Sciences Education and the CHED-led Outcomes Based Education efforts.

Dr. Lorenzo has been a recipient of numerous awards. Among the most important ones are the Solita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor , University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association, International, USA 2009; Centennial Professional Chair Award, University of the Philippines Manila, 2008; Outstanding Book Award “ Health Care Factbook” NAST 2006;Gems Award “Burden of Illness: Malaria in the Philippines” UPM 2005;Professional Award in Nursing, University of the Philippines Alumni Association- 2005;Most Distinguished Alumna in Nursing, UP Manila Alumni Association, 2004;Most Distinguished Alumna , UP College of Nursing -2004;Most Outstanding Alumna in Research UP College of Public Health – 2001;Most Outstanding Alumna in Education UP College of Nursing – 2000.



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