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Van Jerwin P. Mercado, MD, FPAAB
Assistant Professor 7
Department of Parasitology

Dr. Van Jerwin P. Mercado is a licensed physician, having earned his BS Basic Medical Sciences (cum Laude) and Doctor of Medicine (cum Laude) degrees, under the Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) Program of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. He has been a recipient of the University of the Philippines Oblation and Presidential merit scholarships. Dr. Mercado took on several units of graduate courses in Biochemistry while working as Assistant Professor and later on, Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, where he taught for seven years before transferring to the UP College of Public Health. He served as Associate Editor of the Lasallian Medical Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, and peer reviewer for the Journal of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges. Currently, he is a Fellow of the Philippine Association of Academic Biochemists, where he also serves as Secretary.

Dr. Mercado has authored a number of self-instructional modules and laboratory manuals in the field of Medical Biochemistry. He has also penned several policy papers delving on the move towards heightened social accountability and more responsive medical curricula in the country, and a process documentation of the measles-rubella supplemental immunization activity piloted in Pasay City in 2011. He has given several talks to varied audiences on a wide array of topics such as Biotechnology and Food Safety, Prevention and Control of Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases, as well as Molecular Medicine, to name a few. His current interests lie in the field of immunology, host-parasite interactions and opportunistic protozoan infections



  • Angeles JM, Mercado VP, Rivera PT. Behind enemy lines: immunomodulatory armamentarium of the schistosome parasite. Frontiers in Immunology. (2020); 11; 1018