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Adrian Paul M. Agravante, RMT
University Research Associate I
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

MMr. Adrian Paul M. Agravante is a registered Medical Technologist. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila. He is assisting the Department in the Teaching, Research, and Extension Services. He was involved in various researches and projects of the Department such as the Development of a National Occupational Health and Safety Program; Development of a National Action and Implementation Plan for the National Chemical Safety Management; Development of Road Map for the National Chemical Safety Management Program, and Development of the 2017 Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water. Part of his function as the research, teaching and extension professional staff is collecting and analyzing data of various researches of the Department, assisting the faculty members in the implementation of laboratory classes of both undergraduate and graduate students, and analysis of samples in the physico-chemical analysis of drinking water and Work Environment Monitoring (WEM) services.

He also successfully completed three relevant trainings by the British Occupational Hygiene Training Association (Control of Hazardous Substances, Measurement of Hazardous Substances, and Ergonomics Essentials, Measurements and Effects) and passed the qualifying exams for each training administered by the said organization. He also completed the training on Work Environment Measurement by the Occupational Safety & Health Center, Department of Labor and Employment, last March 2015, and the Health, Leadership and Management Program 1 & 2 of the Zuellig Family Foundation. He also serves as a support staff in various environmental and occupational health short courses of the Department.



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