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Marian Fe Theresa C. Lomboy, RMT, MSc
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

Prof. Lomboy is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Manila College of Public Health with a degree of B.S. in Public Health (cum laude). She completed her master’s degree in environmental science at the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, University of the Philippines Diliman.

In the past, Prof. Lomboy was involved in a number of research-related projects on occupational health and safety for hospital workers, healthcare waste management, chemical management and safety, indoor air quality, and standards for drinking-water. She has attended trainings on environmental health impact assessment and geographical information system. Likewise, she attended international conferences of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Asian Asbestos Initiative and the International Academic Consortium for Sustainable Cities. Prof. Lomboy has publications focusing on indoor particulate matter-2.5 and associated elements and the chemical safety and management system in the country.



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