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Paul Michael R. Hernandez, MD, MOH
Assistant Professor 5
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

Dr. Paul Michael Hernandez graduated cum laude when he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He then pursued Doctor of Medicine, and later Master of Occupational Health (recipient of the Academic Excellence Award) at UP Manila. He then joined DEOH as an Assistant Professor. In 2015, he became Assistant to the Dean for Planning and Development of CPH. Currently, he is the Department Chair.

Dr. Hernandez has taken part in conferences, seminars and trainings on Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Emergency and Disaster Management, Biosafety and Biosecurity, Research Ethics, and Leadership and Governance as a participant, facilitator or coordinator. He is a consultant for both the DEOH Industrial Hygiene and Biological Lead Determination services. Currently, he is a member of the UPM Health and Safety Committee, UPM Institutional Biosafety and Biosecurity Committee and UPM Research Ethics Board. Also, he has participated in activities of Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment and World Health Organization - Western Pacific Regional Office.

Dr. Hernandez is involved in researches on Environmental and Occupational Health. He was a consultant in the Baseline Research Study on the Occupational Diseases among Workers in Public Healthcare Facilities and DOH Offices. He was also part of the research team involved in Strengthening the National Occupational Health and Safety Program of the Philippines. Currently, he is involved in Phase 2 of this endeavor.

Sir PM, as how students call him, is currently the adviser of a university-based and three CPH-based student organizations in UP Manila.

+6325247102 loc 144


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