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Jaifred Christian F. Lopez, MD MPM
Assistant Professor IV
Department of Nutrition

Dr Jaifred Christian F Lopez, or Jim, finished his medical degree in UP Manila under the Integrated Arts and Medicine accelerated program, and his master in public management, major in health systems and development at the Development Academy of the Philippines. He is pursuing further studies in epidemiology. He is also an alumnus of the Doctors to the Barrios program of the Department of Health, having served the Cordillera region.

Prior to joining the Department, he was a health policy researcher working with the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies at the UP Manila National Institutes of Health, the Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes, Inc., 101 Health Research, Inc., and Physicians for Peace Philippines. He also taught epidemiology, biostatistics and community medicine at San Beda University College of Medicine, and was associate to the vice-president for research and innovation.

He is actively involved with various cause-oriented groups and research networks. He is a core collaborator of HealthXPh.net, a group of doctors and health professionals advocating responsible use of social media in health care. He is also a member of the Global Burden of Disease collaborator network; Global Health Focus, a network of global health researchers; R Users Group Philippines; and Health Systems Global.

His research interests include social epidemiology, global health, health literacy, disaster epidemiology, and primary health care.



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