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Teddy Rowell U. Mondres, RMT, MPH
University Researcher
Department of Health Policy and Administration

Mr. Teddy Rowell U. Mondres is University Researcher at this college since 2014. He previously worked under different researches such as in the 2013 National HIV Programme Review and in the Baseline and Endline Surveys of UNICEF’s Ensuring Food Security and Nutrition Among Children 0 to 24 Months in the Philippines (2010 and 2012), both under Dr. Ofelia P. Saniel. He was also Data Manager, Cluster Manager, Short-term Technical Assistant, and Policy Fellow of different USAID-funded agencies through RTI Luzon Health, Gerry Roxas Foundation, RTI HealthGov and UPecon-Health Policy Development Program, respectively; working mostly on Family Planning - Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition projects (2011-2014). He also practiced his Medical Technology profession at St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City from 2007-2009.

Mr. Mondres finished BS Public Health from University of the Philippines Visayas and completed his Master of Public Health from UP Manila.