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Sharon Yvette Angelina M. Villanueva, MMSc, PhD, Rmicro, DPAM
Department of Medical Microbiology

Dr. Sharon Yvette Angelina M. Villanueva finished her B.S. Public Health degree from the College of Public Health in 1997 and later on took up her Master of Medical Science degree from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University. In 2010, she also finished her PhD in Medical Sciences with a specialty in Pathological Sciences from the same institution. Dr. Villanueva is also a Post-doctoral fellow of the JST-JICA Agency (Japan Science and Technology Agency-Japan International Cooperation Agency) in partnership with Kyushu University and Chiba Institute of Science.

Dr. Villanueva is a member of different national and international societies and is a Registered Microbiologist and a Diplomate of the Philippine Academy of Microbiology.

Dr. Villanueva has numerous international publications with focus on leptospirosis seroprevalence, pathogenesis, serologic and molecular diagnosis, and vaccine production. Her other research interests are on antimicrobial resistance and kit development. She is also a technical/peer reviewer of manuscripts submitted in national and international journals as well as project proposals submitted for funding by national and international funding agencies.



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