Maria Margarita M. Lota, MD, FPPS, MHPEd (ongoing)
Assistant Professor
Department of Medical Microbiology

Dr. Maria Margarita M. Lota is an Assistant Professor (rank V) at the Department of Medical Microbiology. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Public Health at University of the Philippines and pursued her Doctor of Medicine at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center. Further training in Pediatrics was completed at the Philippine General Hospital. Thereafter, she joined as faculty in the College of Public Health. She actively participates in the conduct of medical microbiology course in the undergraduate and graduate programs. She acts as the lead coordinator for the various microbiology courses in the College of Medicine. Her clinical expertise in Pediatrics contributes to her approach in teaching the different infectious diseases which has become her main focus in the field of Microbiology. Dr. Lota is a member of the Las Piñas Medical Society and a diplomate of the Philippine Pediatric Society.

Dr. Lota was the recipient of the Junior Faculty Grant Award in 2005. Her publications include:

A comparative Study on the Mycobactericidal effecty of Using 5% Sodium Hypochlorite and 2% Glutaraldehyde in Sputum Processing for Acid Fast Bacilli Detection. Acta Medica Philippina, Vol. 40 No. 1, January – June 2006.

A Retrospective Study on Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Bacteria in the Philippines from 1999 – 2013. Acta Medica Philippina, Vol. 48 No. 1, January – March 2014



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