Guidelines for Enrollment

Step 1 Present complete required enrollment documents and get queuing number to Table 1 (Guard's Table at Lara Hall) Step 1 Present the following to Table 1 at Annex 2 Lobby:
- Printed Form of Enlisted Subjects (approved by the adviser)
- Medical Certificate from UP Health Service
- Grades of Previous Semester
- Photocopy of Student ID
2 Proceed to Table 2 (Ms. Ana, 2nd floor OCS) for term activation. 2 Get the tuition calculation form at Table 1 (MS, ROME) and proceed to the press room to fill up the form
3 Proceed to assigned advisers for accomplishment of enrollment checklist and program of study. 3 Pay student fund of PHP50 to CPH-SC Booth
4 Proceed to 4th floor, Room 407, Lara Hall (waiting area) for SAIS enlistment and submit all documents to Students Council Representative. 4 Return to Table 1 and Submit the Duly Accomplished tuition calculation form & other requirements (MS, ROME)
5 Wait for the tuition calculation stub and pay the tuition fee at the Cashier's Office. 5 Proceed to Press Room (Holding Area) while waiting for the issuance of tuition calculation
6 Go to the Reigistrar's Office for ID processing. 6 Once the tuition calculation is done, pay tuition fee at the cashier's office; if bank payment, submit the deposit slip to the Registrar's Office
7 Submit a photocopy of the official receipt to the OCS 7 Get ID Sticker at the Registrar's Office
8 - 8 Submit a copy of the Official Receipt to the OCS