Jerrycans for Haiyan/Yolanda affected areas in the Visayan Region

UP Manila through the UP College of Public Health and the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod Manila is currently distributing jerrycans to Haiyan/Yolanda affected areas in the Visayan region. The main objective is to provide Typhoon Yolanda victims with clean and safe-to-drink water on a sustainable basis. The World Health Organization and the Department of Health are helping us with Aquatabs through the Good Water Initiative, but we are still short of the 100,000-jerrycan-target.

May we seek your assistance to help us meet this target and make Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014 for our dear brothers and sisters in the Visayan region by donating any amount so we can purchase more jerrycans.

One jerrycan of clean, portable water is good for a family of five.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 16:15