Department of Nutrition


The Department of Nutrition shall take a lead role in promoting nutrition and preventing malnutrition-related diseases through teaching, training and research


The mission of the Department of Nutrition includes (1)providing students and health workers with up-to-date knowledge that will promote good nutrition among all sectors and enable them to prevent malnutrition and nutrition-related diseases (2)actively leading in basic and applied nutrition researches and (3) practicing advocacy in issues related to nutrition.

Degree Programs

Doctor of Public Health Nutrition
Master of Science in Public Health (Nutrition)

Training Program

  1. Short-Course on Food Safety
  2. Food Sanitation Module in the National Sanitarian Training Course
  3. Course in Developing Skills on Communication Health and Nutrition Messages Using the Social Media


  • Types of Diet and High Density Lipoprotein Level Aming the Seventh Day Adventists in Metro Manila
  • Feeding Practices of Infants and Preschoolers in Selected Areas in the Philippines
  • Reproductive Health/Family Planning Evaluation of Nine Provinces

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