Department of Medical Microbiology


The Department of Medical Microbiology shall be at the forefront of scientific advances and technological developments in public health and medical microbiology. It shall be the Center of Excellence in microbiology education, training and research.


The Department of Medical Microbiology shall constantly provide the highest quality of advanced instruction, professional education, training, basic and applied research and community service and thereby produce outstanding scholars, practitioners and leaders in public health and medical microbiology.

Degree Progams

Doctor of Public Health
Master of Science in Public Health (Medical Microbiogy)

Training Programs

  1. Postgraduate Course in Diagnostic Mycology
  2. Food and Water Bacteriology


  • A Study on Emerging Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens in the Philippines
  • Prevalence of Yersinia enterocolitica in some Philippine Foods
  • Assessment of the Relevance of the BSPH Curriculum
  • Public Health Aspect of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant in Pinamucan, Batangas, Philippines
  • Characterization and Determination of the Cytokine and Macrophage Stimulating Activities of the Polysaccharide Fractions of Momordia charantia (Ampalaya)
  • Public Health and Epidemiological Research Needs and Issues Regarding Coconut Oil and Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Clinical Trial of Auranofin gold Compound in HIV-1 Infected Filipinos
  • Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs) and Potentially Harmful Exotic Species (PHES) Related to Agriculture and Fishery
  • Development of Alamar Blue-based Test an Alternate Method in Human Proliferation Assay
  • Salmonella typhi Flagellar Antigen Edible Vaccine
  • Development of Mini-ELISA for the Determination of Clinically Important Antigens and Antibodies
  • Seroepidemiology of HAV infection in Metro Manila
  • Development of Serotyping Reagents for the Detection of Cholera Species HIV-1 Tat Gene-based Edible Vaccine in Tomatoes
  • A Comparative Study on the Mycobacterial effect of Using 5% Sodium Hypochlorite and 2% Glutaraldehyde in Sputum Processing for Acid Fast Bacili Detection
  • In-Vitro and In-Vivo studies on the Anti-TB Properties of Aistonia Scholaris (Dita), Alphonseae Arboraea(Anonaceae), Diclodiscus Paniculatus (Tillaceae) and Pisonia Umbrelifera (Nyctaginaceae)
  • A Phase III, Double-blind Randomized Group Study to Compare the Protective Immune Response to Older Adults after Immunization with either Engerix-B HBV Vaccine of Recombinant HBV Surface Antigen Co-administered with Dynavax Immunostimulatory Phosphotionat
  • In-vitro Screening for the Anti-Dengue Activity of Vitex negundo (Lagundi)
  • A Phase IV, Single blind randomized, multicentric study
  • In-vitro Screening for Anti-TB Activity of Psidium guajav(guava)and Anona muricata (guyabano)
  • A Study on the Activity of Crude and Protein Extracts of Medicinal Plants on HIV-1 Replication in Latently-infected cells
  • Isolation and Identification of Shiga-toxin E. coli(STEC) in feed samples from the Philippines

Publications/Creative Works

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