Department of Health Policy and Administration


The Department of Health Policy and Administration is inspired by three-pronged visions:

to be the management school for the health sector
to be the center for health policy studies
to be the center for health systems research


The Department of Health Policy and Administration seeks to renew its mission by being the resource for graduate education, research, leadership and expertise in management and policy studies. It shall provide the highest standard of advanced instruction, applied, participatory and action research; training, consulting and networking in health management and policy development and studies.

Degree Programs

Master of Hospital Administration
Master of Arts in Health Policy Studies

Training Programs

  1. Certificate Course in Health Information Management
  2. Short Course on Strategic Planning and Management
  3. Organizational Development for Health Care Institution
  4. Basic Course in Hospital Administration
  5. Short Course in Dental Public Health
  6. Executive Course in Hospital Administration
  7. Total Quality Management Short Course
  8. ICD-10 Training Course for Coders
  9. Ensuring Highly Performing Human Resource for Health Teams through Effective Human Resource Management
  10. Short Course on Hospital Planning and Design
  11. Basic Training Course in Occupational Dental Health
  12. Essentials of Project Management in the Health Sector
  13. Basic Course on Management for Middle Level Health Care Professionals
  14. Translation and Communication of Road Safety Data for use in Actionable Health Policy and Strategic Advocacy
  15. Introduction To Health Policy And Systems Research
  16. Policy Short Course For SEAMEO TropMed
  17. Policy Short Course For Development Management Officers Of Region 8
  18. Basic Course on Management for Middle Level Health Care Professionals

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  • Innovative Health Sciences Education Partnership Program
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