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Got Risk? Let's Deal With It!

Date and Time: Mar 24, 2014
Venue: CPH Multi-purpose Hall

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health sponsored a lecture by Dr. Evelina C. Morales on Environmental Risk Management and Communication entitled “Got Risk? Let’s Deal With It!” was conducted on March 24, 2014, at the CPH Multipurpose Hall. Dr. Morales is a Visiting Professor of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, UP-CPH from Oklahoma, USA. She is an expert in environmental risk assessment and communication as well as in environmental toxicology.

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Dr. Mariano Yogore Memorial Lecture

Date and Time: Feb 24, 2014 1:00 pm
Venue: Rm. 407 CPH Lara Hall

Iwasan ang Tigdas

Date and Time: Feb 7, 2014

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Thirst First: Water Safety in Disasters

Date and Time: Jan 27, 2014 9:00AM - 11AM
Venue: College of Public Health Auditorium

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health sponsored a seminar entitled “Water Safety in Disasters: Thirst First” which was held on January 27, 2014 at CPH auditorium. The resource speaker, Engr. Asoka Jarayatne is an expert consultant for water quality from World Health Organization.

CPH Measles Advisory

Date and Time: Jan 9, 2014

This is an information material from the UP Manila College of Public Health distributed through the UP Manila Information Publication and Public Affairs Office (IPPAO) on measles and how its spread during the Feast of Black Nazarene can be prevented
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Jerrycans for Haiyan/Yolanda affected areas in the Visayan Region

Date and Time: Dec 24, 2013

UP Manila through the UP College of Public Health and the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod Manila is currently distributing jerrycans to Haiyan/Yolanda affected areas in the Visayan region. The main objective is to provide Typhoon Yolanda victims with clean and safe-to-drink water on a sustainable basis. The World Health Organization and the Department of Health are helping us with Aquatabs through the Good Water Initiative, but we are still short of the 100,000-jerrycan-target.