Basic Course on Management for Middle Level Health Professionals

Course Description

This short course provides an overview of the whole continuum of management with emphasis on project management. It is intended to provide
middle-level health care professionals basic as well as practical knowledge on how to formulate a project and manage a project. Their competencies
will be enhanced through the different practical workshops particularly in case analysis, problem identification, decision-making and prioritization,
project planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The course is designed to serve as basic reference to health care professionals
interested in project management/general management fundamentals.

Course Objective

    The participants should be able to:
  1. Discuss the functions/principles of management;
  2. Get an overview of the various organizational theories and their relevance to present day management;
  3. Discuss the program/project management process & the application of the different functions of management
    through theory & workshops (practicum);
  4. Analyze the different steps in program/project plan and be able to formulate one based on case/back-home situation;
  5. Understand the resource management concepts & their relevance to health care organizations;
  6. Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan.