Short Course on Hospital Accounting and Selected PhilHealth Updates

Course Objectives

  1. To provide the participants with knowledge on selected topics of management accounting, cost finding and analysis, rate setting (laboratory
    exams, x-ray and diagnostic procedures, rooms, etc.), accounts receivable management and credit and collection, cost-volume-profit relationships
    and break-even analysis, working capital management;
  2. To enhance the skills of participants in performing the above through the use of group discussions, workshops, lecture discussion;
  3. To apprise the participants of updates from the National Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) in relation to policies, rules and regulations on the
    type, amount, and method of reimbursements, coverage of reimbursements as to type, magnitude, benefits available, common
    administrative and operational problems encountered and how to resolve these, common pitfalls in the accomplishment and processing of
    hospital forms for PhilHealth reimbursements and to increase reimbursements from PhilHealth;
  4. To provide insights to the participants on a hospital’s legal liability for medical malpractice.

Methods: Lecture-discussion, group work, case study discussion, exercises, problem sets, sharing of best practices