Short Course on Dental Public Health

Course Description:

This short course will provide a combination of lectures, short courses, panel discussions on important topics in dental public health. It will discuss basic principles and concept in dental
public health and is intended to provide a structured framework in the implementation of public health dentistry for those in government services, non- government organizations involved
in oral health programs. It will discuss the role and challenges for the public health dentist in the current health agenda for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. It will discuss general oral health indices and
how these indices should be interpreted for planning of oral health programs, basic management principles, program /project planning as well as effective interventions and strategies for
the promotion of oral health.

Course Objectives

    At the end of the course, the participants should be
    able to
  1. Understand the challenges and role of the public health dentist in the achievement of Universal Health Care.
  2. Choose from a variety of health promotion and preventive interventions to plan for an effective oral health program.
  3. Appreciate and understand the importance and processes needed to advocate for oral health.
  4. Understand the different oral health indices and use these indices for program planning and evaluation.
  5. Identify policy issues related to oral health