Title of Study

A Study of the Environmental Determinants of Lepstospirosis In Metro Manila using Geographic Information System (GIS)


  • Project leaders
    • Prof. Lolita Cavinta
    • Dr. Yasutake Yanagihara (US)
  • Researcher
    • Dr. Sharon Villanueva(KU)
  • GIS Expert
    • Mr. Bobby Crisostomo (PhilHealth)
  • GIS Technical Assistant
    • Ms. Paz Montano (NAMRIA)
  • Research Assistants
    • Mr. Oro Yra
    • Mr. Jermin Mendoza

General Objective

To determine the potential application of geographical information system (GIS) for monitoring of leptospirosis

Specific Objectives

To describe and compare environmental determinants that affect the spatial distribution of leptospirosis cases in Metro Manila for two periods (1998-2001 and 2002-2009)

To develop a model that integrates environmental data with community-based epidemiologic data that can be used to predict changes in the prevalence rates and transmission rates of leptospirosis