The College of Public Health is committed to develop the capabilities of its constituents to assume greater responsibilities for the improvement of people's health and quality of life.


Regional Course on Advance Epidemiology

Date and Time: Nov 10, 2014 to Nov 22, 2014

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) in cooperation with the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics will hold a "Regional Course on Advance Epidemiology" at the College of Public Health - UP Manila. Topics includes Causation, causal inference and causal diagram, Sytematic Review and Meta-analysis, Introduction to STATA and more...

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16th UPM Annual Immunization Week

Date and Time: Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014

The Auxiliary Services Program of the Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with the UPM Health Service, PGH Pediatrics Infectious Disease Section, PGH Infectious Control Unit (HICU), Adult Infectious Disease Section and MU Sigma Phi Sorority, will hold the 16th UPM Annual Immunization Week from August 11-15, 2014. The theme of this year's Immunization week is Proteksyon sa Sakit ay Sigurado, Kapag Bakunado tayo!

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CPH 2014 Student Orientation

Date and Time: Aug 5, 2014
Venue: CPH Annex II Press Room

The CPH SC and BS PH 2016 bring you, Up, Up, and Away!: CPH Freshman Orientation 2014.
The Freshman Orientation is a chance for the incoming freshmen to learn more about their college. The orientation consists of activities, speakers, and videos that will help them get an overview of what to expect in their stay in UP Manila and also about the CPH culture.

Short Course on Meta-Analysis For Health Research

Date and Time: Jul 24, 2014 to Jul 26, 2014

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics offers a Short Course on Meta-Analysis for Health Research. To be conducted from July 24-26, 2014. For more details please click the poster photo on the left.

Short Course on Health Policy Implementation

Date and Time: Jul 14, 2014 to Jul 18, 2014

The Department of Health Policy and Administration invites you to a Short Course on Health Policy Implementation.

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Industrial Hygiene Training Course

Date and Time: Jul 5, 2014 to Jul 11, 2014

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, UP-CPH invites you to an Industrial Hygiene training course on OHTA Module W-505, Control of Hazardous Substances on July 7-11, 2014. The resource speaker is a world renowned IH expert, Dr. Jas Singh. This is an internationally recognized course where successful examinees will receive a Certificate from the British Occupational Hygiene Society. Registration is now open. For more details, please call 524-7102 and look for Mr. Adrian Paul Agravante